“A beautiful soprano voice with the mind and musicality to go with it”
Denes Striny, in Head First: The Language of the Head Voice, Hamilton Books: 2007

Verdi, composizioni da camera
Una voce splendida, un’ espressione straordinaria, e italiano veramente perfetto.” [A splendid voice, outstanding interpretation, and truly perfect Italian.]
don Benedetto Chianetta, Abbazia della Santissima Trinità

Pergolesi, L’Orfeo
“This music is a part of our Italian heritage, and I have heard it a number of times before — but never sung as beautifully and stylistically as by visiting American soprano Marcella Calabi.”
Felice Cavalieri, Accademia Musicale Jacopo Napoli

Cavalieri, The Representation of Body and Soul, Guardian Angel:
“…performed beautifully…in a cast distinguished for its commitment and versatility.”
F. Paul Driscoll, Opera News

“…conspicuously fine amid the lively group…”
Leighton Kerner, The Village Voice

“… [an] expressive singer… ably executing the Renaissance madrigals and melismatic melodies…”
Bruce-Michael Gelbert, The New York Native

Shostakovich, Symphony #14
“Ms. Calabi gave an emotional immediacy and engagement to the part which set her soprano voice off against the brooding movement of the strings.”
Michael Witmore, Taconic Newspapers

Villa-Lobos, Suite for Voice and Violin;  Poem of the Child and her Mother
“….a charming singer with a charming soprano…”
Andrew Porter, The New Yorker

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