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Candidates, Movement Leaders and Activists: find your voice.

Pro Bono coaching

Candidates lose votes and leaders lose impact because of how they speak.

You lose impact if your voice is nasal or harsh or unpleasant.

You lose impact if your voice is too gentle, you can’t be heard or you’re hoarse.

You lose impact if you’re nervous, pressured or ambivalent – it shows in your voice.

Especially if you’re a woman, your voice gets criticized as harshly as your clothes.

Just adding vocal technique makes it worse.

You lose impact because a manipulated sound registers as untrustworthy.

You can have that impact and get those votes.

You can become

free from the blocks that choke off your voice,
confident in public speaking, and
clear about your message and purpose.

Then your sound will be persuasive, sustainable and authentic.

Free consultation.
I have helped people in 90 minutes.
Perhaps 90 minutes is all you’ll need, too.

We can work remotely, anywhere, any time.

It’s that important.

I do this for a living; the pro bono offer is my contribution to the health of my country.

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