The Three Voices

Your voice in the world

Your inner voices

Your literal voice in speech or song

Deciding what to do
and how you say it

impact every aspect of your life now and your vision for the future. I have had a consulting practice called Clarityworks since 1998, helping people get clear and unstuck with decision-making, communication strategy and relationship management. Those are your voice, in action, in the world.

"Flow," being "in the zone," and knowing the way forward

come from clearing away uncertainty and inner conflict. I am a certified teacher and guide of Inner Relationship Focusing. Focusing is the most useful way of engaging with myself that
I've personally encountered and
I use it myself.

Your physical voice represents you.

I have been teaching voice -- singing and public speaking, and self-actualization through voice -- for over thirty years. I sing professionally myself, and I have deep compassion for people's longing to be vocally free.

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