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Relief! examples   |   Clients tell it their way

If you could relieve one concern in your life, what would it be?

I'm having trouble with...
I don't know what to do about...
Somehow things aren't moving forward with...
I can't decide between...
I've just can't get resolution about...
I have to negotiate with...
I'm distracted by...
If only things were different with...
I'm being sued by/about...
I'm spinning my wheels about...
I'm worried about...

... a situation
...a plan
...my goals
...an organization
...a group of people
...my company
...a process
...a client
...a competitor
...an employee
...a colleague
...a manager
...a neighbor
...a relative
...a family mem

And then what?

Clarityworks, Marcella Calabi, can help you pinpoint the core issues and decide what to do next.

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Relief! Examples

Before: rapid expansion and new market conditions threaten a small business

After: new management policies enable the company to evolve while maintaining core stability

Before: an angry conflict among factions of a multi-party community project, with threats of litigation and other reprisals

After: a productive interaction in which key players took collaborative leadership roles in the coalition

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Before: highly successful individuals who are nonetheless dissatisfied with their career paths

After: newly clarified personal goals, new horizons opening up, and new strategies for enjoying a higher level of satisfaction in the meantime


Before: a company is sued by an employee on grounds of discrimination when the company sees the issue in an irreconcilably different way

After: a settlement that gives satisfaction to both institution and employee while leaving each one's most dearly-held world-view intact

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Before: sleepless nights about how to handle the gap between a legal issue and an ethical issue

After: a decision that satisfies the decision-maker's finest values without giving away the store

Before: a conflict threatens to derail a collaboration that is crucial to a career; the organization's ombudsman has no help to offer

After: clarity about how to proceed both within and externally to the organization - the career evolves for the better

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Before: a married couple at loggerheads over the issue of religious education for their child

After: the discovery of far more common ground than had been apparent, allowing a mutually acceptable choice

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Clients tell it their way

BEFORE : I am being treated like garbage at my job. My current supervisor is using every means to force me to quit. She has written a letter to go "into my file," for the second time, taking an error on my part and enlarging it and distorting it and ignoring all the good things I've done. The end of her letter says: "Failure to meet the expectations of your job description will result in termination of your employment." Believe me, I wish they'd fire me because I can't afford to quit, but they don't like to fire people so they do this. A former colleague endured the same kind of thing for months and was forced out in that very same way.

AFTER (ONE CONSULTATION): Since you helped me regarding my supervisor, our whole relationship has changed. She now keeps telling me I'm "perfection." Nothing really changed in my work to make her attitude change, just my attitude changed. And I thank you for that.

J.F., Clinic Counseling Staff

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Ms. Calabi has the ability to comprehend the totality of a complicated situation and then articulate the heart of the matter in such a way that the critical core issues emerge.   As the priorities become clear, practical solutions are found.   The Clarityworks process works , whether the format is one-on-one or a group discussion.   I find Ms. Calabi's input invaluable.

Simone Yen Song, Esq.,
Simone Song Properties

Of the several professionals I consulted concerning a very complex and bitter dispute, Ms. Calabi certainly had the most patience and insight. Her analysis was the most complete, probing and structured. It enabled me to see all the participants' positions, assets, and possible motives, underlying interests, conflicts and options, including my own. This has made possible the progress that is now being made towards resolution, a clear sense of the alternatives, and the confidence that I will have done all I can whatever the final outcome.

Richard P. Kline, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Department of Medicine
Columbia University

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Marcella has a great gift for getting you where you always wanted to go, faster and with more joy than you ever thought possible.

Anne Marie Santoro, President
From the Heart Communications, New York

Marcella Calabi's insights were critically important in helping me to navigate a very public conflict with a colleague. Her penetrating analysis of the dynamics of the situation and the personal issues involved made all the difference in my ability to maintain sanity and deal effectively with the challenges presented by the situation.

Mark Achtemeier, PhD

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Marcella Calabi immediately recognizes the root of any given problem and then helps you to find simple, sane solutions that are honest and manageable. She is one of those rare people that can grasp the big picture without losing sight of the individual in the process. She has saved me not only countless hours of worry and frustration but also hundreds of dollars. I recommend her services without hesitation to everyone I know.

Mary Ann Stewart, Classical Singer

Ms. Calabi has consistently been able to assist me in finding the most effective and efficient way to deal with complex situations.

James Songer, R.A., President
James Songer Associates

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MC heard and understood what I was unclear about myself and - without putting words in my mouth -- she simply articulated what I meant to say. This made it possible for me to move forward effectively.

Laurie Mullen, D.C.

Clarityworks bring clarity and clarity ensures success, in complex negotiations involving clients, designers, salespeople, nmanufactureres, colleagues and other players. It also opens up brand new possibilities.

Carol Abercrombie Alston, V.P., Design,
P. Kauffmann Contract

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Clarity - about what you want to do, why, and how - makes it possible to be more successful in your interactions with others and more deeply true to yourself at the same time. This gives you access to a priceless combination of strength and ease.

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