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Conflict and indecision feel like chaos. To see choices, solutions, and next steps, chaos must give way to clarity. Clarityworks makes it happen.

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About Marcella Calabi, Principal Consultant

Clarityworks, LLC, helps businesses and individuals achieve clarity about goals and how to reach them. We offer:

Clarity — about what you want to do, why, and how — makes it possible to be more successful in your interactions with others and more deeply true to yourself at the same time. This gives you access to a priceless combination of strength and ease.

This principle holds true for organizations as well as for individuals.

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About the process:

Complex issues always have multiple components. The components must be discerned, untangled, understood.

Clarifying goals is integral to the process of achieving them. How the issues are framed can affect what goals are chosen and how the goals are framed can affect how the issues are prioritized.

Carrying out the chosen processes typically involves interactions among multiple parties.

There is no cookie-cutter approach that works in real-life situations. Strategies come and go in fads. Most of them offer limited, linear ways of thinking through non-linear problems.

Clarityworks offers flexible, thoughtful insight into the realities of your unique situation.

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About Marcella Calabi, principal consultant:

I bring to my work not only what I have done and what I have learned, but also who I am. I have

In helping people to articulate their situation, I call on my experience as a

In helping people to communicate and negotiate with others, I call on my work in

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The chief merit of language is clearness.

If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.
—from The Peter Principle, by Laurence J. Peter

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